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We specialize in installing and servicing Fujitsu ductless mini split heat pump systems.

Mini-Split Advantages:

  • Quiet Operation - Ductless air conditioners are comprised of an indoor and outdoor unit, which allows for a peaceful inside environment by enabling the contractor to install louder components like compressors and motors outdoors.  Its so quiet you won't know its there!
  • Easy Installation - Copper tubing running through a small 2.7 inch opening in the wall  easily connects the indoor and outdoor units. Refrigerant is cycled through the lines from the outdoor condensing unit to the indoor unit, where the air is quietly distributed to the interior space.
  1. Energy Efficient - Because there are no ducts, Fujitsu ductless systems lose less than 5% cooling vs. up to 40% for traditional forced-air systems. Increased efficiencies up to 26-SEER mean lower utility bills. Advanced inverter technology (dc motors) reduces power consumption. (Considerably higher efficiency than central heat pumps).  Save 40% over electric base board!  By the time your 10 yr warranty is up... the heat pump will have paid for itself twice over.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Fujitsu Heat Pump systems use the new R410a refrigerant designed to prevent depletion of the ozone layer.
  • Safe and Secure - Using window a/c makes it very easy for intruders to enter your home. Fujitsu units mount high on a wall, away from the window, providing you with improved security and a pleasant view. Because the Fujitsu units are energy star rated, they qualify for goverment grants    (Check on the Canadian Energy Star website for a comparison of all mini split heat pump  brands !)
  • Written Warranty: 10 yrs parts and labor!
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Fujitsu Mini Split Heat Pumps


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